Monday, January 25, 2010

Walk Like an Egyptian

well we went to the king tut show on saturday and it was tres excellent. unfortunately these IDIOT security guards were following us all around the gallery afterwards but other than that it was great. its so amazing how all of those artifacts have lasted for thousands of years without being completely destroyed. and the ancient egyptians were such an advanced civilisation.. more than i had really considered up until now. the detail in all of the artifacts was so incredible and the workmanship was unreal. also, i had never really noticed when you see the pictures, but to see all of the various sculptures up close they really do have distinguishable faces. by that i mean they dont all just have this generic look to them like i had always thought. you really can distinguish the facial features and expressions of one subject versus another. to think that these sculptors were able to capture all of that with what were surely primitive tools. i also kept thinking about how its funny that we are standing there oohing and aaahing over what was, in many cases, simple furniture. i was just imagining a museum exhibit three thousand years from now of super modern humanoids reading a blurb about how this was an average, middle class pull out bed, fashioned at a place called "ikea" back in the digital age when they had these quaint methods of manufacture called "factories." kind of strange to think about, really.

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