Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Low

or a new high, depending on how you look at it, which is how i started this anecdote when i was talking to trevor this morning. many moons ago, trevor and i decided that we should have our own talk radio programme called "things i would never admit in public" which would basically be a hilarious show about the things that single people living alone do all the time simply because there is no one around to see them. for example: eating mayonnaise out of the jar, or jumping up and down in front of the mirror naked. anyway, we are still waiting to get the radio contract (so if any radio casting directors or programmers are reading this, please call us) but that doesnt mean we dont tell each other about new material as it arises.
which brings me to my newest confession. yesterday, i worked an extremely long day that was also immensely physical and i already had a slightly aggravated/overworked lower back so by the time i got home i was in some serious pain. (in case anyone is interested, i still am). anyway so i realised i needed to take a super long bath, not my usual ten or fifteen minute stint. i was too tired to read or do puzzles and it was too late to call anyone, which is my preferred in-bath activity. have no fear comrades, i still came up with something! i knew i needed some sort of distraction to keep me in the tub for as long as was necessary to heal my ailing muscles..... so i hauled my tv and dvd player into the bathroom, propped them up on the toilet and watched two episodes of flight of the conchords. goooooooooo me!


Callie said...

that is so awesome.
you should make a day for confessions on you blog, if not in a radio show. i think that would be hilarious.
like so, so hilarious.

Callie said...


Renaud said...

thats not a bad idea.

full_of_puppy_love said...

oops that was me apparently this computer was signed in as someone else.

Anonymous said...

u talk on tghe phone in the tub? what if the phone falls in the tub and u mnetioned that if a radio station was interested in u to phone and failed to leave a number stupif human..