Monday, January 25, 2010

Sierra Grill

in other news (what a busy weekend) sunday was daves parents sixty-second anniversary (or as i usually say in conversation, their bazillionth). so daves brother john invited the whole family to sierra grill for lunch. i am embarassed to admit that this restaurant is a five minute walk from daves house and yet we have never been there. anyway, the reason i am writing about it here is because i opted for the salad bar, and let me tell you, this salad bar was TO DIE FOR. they had so much good stuff and it was so delicious and it included soup and there was fresh bread and pita chips and it was so cheap and ive been fantasizing about it all day long. awesome awesomeness.
ps. im not going to get into details but there was some family drama with daves family and i came home to hamilton, and swear i have never been happier to hear my mothers voice on my machine. say what you like about us, but ill take our particular brand of crazy over the alternative any day.


Anonymous said...

like totally...right?

Callie said...

you forgot a bracket

full_of_puppy_love said...

oh thanks didnt catch that. it is fixed