Wednesday, January 27, 2010


so i had a funny thing happen at the pool last night. i realise this sounds like the start to a "dear penthouse, i never thought it would happen to me" article, but sadly this story isnt so scandalous. there is this girl who i noticed at the pool a few months ago. when you swim as often as i do, you start to recognise the regulars... not unlike how people who take the same bus to work every day begin to recognise and get to know each other without ever actually speaking. anyway, this woman is probably in her mid to late thirties and does a pretty slow breaststroke, which is fine as long as she stays out of my way. a while back, she had left her bathing suit in the locker room, where it hung for a few days before disappearing. she either picked it up or its in lost in found... i sincerely doubt that it was stolen. the people at my y are pretty honest and i was impressed to recover a bra that i left there. plus, it was hanging in the change room for a few days, as i said, so if it was going to be stolen it wouldnt have lasted that long.
anyway i hadnt seen her at the pool since her swimsuit disappeared, but that doesnt mean anything. she could very well be going to a different swim time, and it really has no bearing on this story other than it had been a while since i had seen her and the last i had, she was wearing the aforementioned suit.
so last night, i get to the pool and there she is in my fast lane (where she doesnt belong, i might add) wearing THE SAME SUIT AS ME. now, i realise that there arent THAT many styles and colours of women's athletic suits and this in and of itself could merely be a result of her and i having the same taste, or even, coincidence. however, she was also wearing the same silver cap that i was wearing in all of my prior contact with her (i have since switched to a red one as my silver one busted, as is the fate of bathing caps). as i already mentioned, when you swim alot you get to know the other swimmers and how skilled they may or may not be. if it isnt totally clear already, i am a much faster and more skilled swimmer than this woman, which is the result of years of practice, hard work and professional training. not, as i can only assume she thinks, because of my outfit. i was so distracted by being in the same lane as this woman who MUST have copied my ensemble on purpose that i was actually losing count of my lanes as i composed this blog post in my head. it was so weird and funny and now i cant stop thinking of my bathing suit as having super powers, which i usually pretend i have when im swimming anyway.


Callie said...

you pretend you have superpowers? you mean like that crazy being called michael phelps?

full_of_puppy_love said...

lol yes him and sometimes i pretend that im flying and i call myself a majestic bird of the deep.

Anonymous said...

chloe ppl just want to be cool like u daughter..