Friday, April 16, 2010

A Million Dollar Idea?

or a massive conspiracy theory? YOU BE THE JUDGE!
alright i thought of something a while back that i cant believe doesnt exist. it is an idea that is worth a million dollars. the reason im going to talk about it here is i have this theory that the reason no one has cashed in on this is because of the following conspiracy theory.
i think that HERSHEY'S chocolate has some sort of corporate boycott happening with the coconut industry. think about it. i cant think of a single hershey's product that has coconut in it. as such, my million dollar idea is this: why havent they made hersheys kisses with coconut? they have hugs, those are the ones with almonds; mini kisses; micro mini kisses (which, lets be honest, are just chocolate chips); the black and white ones; plain white ones; black ones dipped in white; candy coated micro minis (again, just candy coated chocolate chip); dark. coconut? NO! whats the deal?

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Sammy V said...

Interesting observation. Hershey's does own Almond Joy, and they just came out with ALMOND JOY PIECES, which are pretty damn good...but I would like to see some Kisses 'kissed' with coconut.