Thursday, April 08, 2010

Four Day Weeks

hello comrades! long time no see. i have been a busy bee (kind of) and havent really been able to blog. to tell you the truth, i havent had many ideas, either, which doesnt help. but i figure i should at least say something so you all know im still here.
this week is my second of three four day weeks in a row, and let me tell you, i could get used to it. its not that im lazy, but i am long overdue for a vacation, and it seems like four day weeks are about as close as it gets.
last weekend dave and i went to collingwood for easter and my sisters birthday, which was excellent. we went hiking on the bruce trail with my mum and my sister and her boyfriend and clara the dog. i have to admit i get more excited about seeing the dog than anything else, but i think its because i dont get to talk to her on the phone. we also made a hilarious video with my brother, which i am hoping to get a copy to share with you soon.
being in collingwood made me super stoked to see courtland and callie in beauty and the beast, which is coming up in may. we also had some excellent cheese.
in other news, i got my hands on a camera finally, and i just need to get a card and cable for it and we are all set. so i will be able to put up more pictures more often on here as well as on facebook (for those of you who know me on facebook). im pretty excited about this, i have grown very fond of taking pictures over the last few years. its hard to explain, i dont really know why. anyway, i guess thats it for now. if i think of anything more interesting to write, i shall let you know!

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