Thursday, April 29, 2010


alright i am going to commit the horrendous crime of plagarism. not really, but sort of. one of my clients, who is in grade four, had to write a journal on monday describing his perfect day, and i thought "hmmm that would be an excellent blog." so excellent, in fact, that i would encourage any and all of my fellow bloggers to plagarise me and use this topic themselves. the only limit i am going to place on this is that you cant say something like "i would win a bazillion dollars in the lottery and then spend the rest of my life doing this and this and this" that is a different topic called "what would you do if you won a bazillion dollars." and, whatever you decide to do has to conceivably be done within 24 hours. so if it would take you twelve hours to get somewhere or do something, that takes twelve hours off of the day. BUT you can START the day wherever you want. it doesnt have to be where you already live. so, here we go.
LOCATION: amazon rainforest
on my perfect day, i would wake up in a hut in the top of the foliage in the amazon rainforest next to my man, dave. it would be warm and the forest would be humming with life. we would dine on fresh exotic fruits and nuts that we had spent the morning gathering from the very trees we were living in.
in the afternoon, we would descend the trees, taking photographs of all of the plants and animals and insects and eating fruits and looking at each other. the air would be thick and smell of life and we wouldnt really talk because there would be nothing to say.
we would spend the afternoon hiking to the amazon river, which isnt far from our treetop camp and we would spend the rest of the day swimming in the river and bathing under the waterfall. maybe we would smoke a little dope under the waterfall and listen to the rain and the water swell and ebb and flow.
we would return to the tree top together and plan to find some fruit bats to photograph the next day.
we would fall asleep listening to the frogs and life of the forest.
we would be safe and warm and together.
we would be happy, and the smell of the river water would rise up from our skin and blend with the life that inhabits the forest.
we would be part of the forest.


Callie said...

that is a good idea. maybe i'll do that too. as soon as i found out what your topic was i knew you would be in the rainforest.
also, you spelled plagiarism wrong.

full_of_puppy_love said...

oh you are right. my bad.

MSQ said...

Yeay!!! I'm working in Brazil until July... and I was thinking of making a short trip to the amazonian rainforest. Now reading this... I really want to go!!!! maybe I can skip work tomorrow?
Nice blog.