Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Things I've Been Meaning To Show You

hello comrades! i have been wanting to put a few pictures up and i am finally able to do so! i am making more of an effort to have my posts be a little more varied, and i think pictures are a good start. so, without further ado:

they are always watching.
the usual suspects. on the subway.

my unmentionables. the things that dave gets up to while i am in the shower. he needs round the clock supervision.

this is the blanket i crocheted for dave

puppy the legless idiot face.

neo the giant one.

angry carmela

the don river

me and jack

the XO legwarmers i knitted for callie


Callie said...

that last photo is really cool. it's like a portrait you didn't realise was happening.

also, in case you're interested:


he did another review of clips too. i just thought you could relate. he's a triathlete or something.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous purse!

And, I must say Jack is rather lovely. I covet a Jack like that. COVET, I tell you.

And the knitting! Those leg warmers look fabulous.. and I am currently in a country with 35 degree heat(celsius). The airconditioning is on a 15C though. Brrr!