Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thanks, I Think

ok so i put off this post for a few days because i was waiting for an explanation from my sister that never arrived, so whatever.
my sister gave me a blogging award, which i am humbly accepting. the problem is, i dont really understand what it is i am supposed to do in order to accept this award and she hasnt really explained it to me. i follow a couple of blogs that have recieved awards, but those are recognised, semifamous awards and also come with a badge and recognition from the people who invented the award. i dont know what the deal is with this one, because my sister recieved it from someone else and then awarded it to me and is planning on awarding it to six other people, so it seems kind of like a shout out more than anything. but im fine with shout outs, the more of them i get, the better. anyway, so i am accepting this "one lovely blog" award from my sister. thank you kindly. if i ever get more information from her about this, i shall let you know.

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