Friday, March 26, 2010

So Much For Responsibility

well i had a frustrating turn of events this week. last month i did pretty well financially, so i was able to pay all of my march bills nice and early on feb 24. which was awesome because i spent this whole month without having to worry about the bills. BUT behold, behold, of course, of course, this bout of responsibility has come back to bite me in the ass. because i made the payments in february instead of march, the money that i put towards my debts counted as EXTRA february payment, and so i had to make all of my march payments over again! so frustrating! i realise this is ultimately a good thing, because making more payments means my debts get paid off sooner, but its like, why do i even TRY to be responsible when there is no real benefit to me. in fact, this was like the opposite of a benefit, because now im going to have to dip into my savings to pay the rent, and im trying to save up enough to take a week off in july. i suppose im also going to have to hold off on replacing my beloved blender, which i was planning on doing this week. anyway the lesson here: it doesnt matter what you do, you will suffer for it somehow.


Callie said...

that is frustrating indeed.

Anonymous said...

gee callie how profound like totally obvious do u feel better now