Monday, March 29, 2010

Quit Ruining My Life!

alright, i generally try to keep my ranting and raving to a minimum (noone likes a complainer), but i cant help myself today. yesterday, i had possibly the worst experience at the pool ever. if not the worst, it was definitely in the top 5 worst. (or is it bottom 5 if youre talking about the worst?) so here is the lowdown:
i decided to swim in the medium/fast lane instead of the fast lane (this was at the north york y, not the hamilton one) for three reasons: 1) the people in the fast lane werent any faster than the people in medium-fast 2) medium fast was less crowded than fast and 3) this little shithead of a twelve year old who i have been stuck in the lane with before was in the fast lane and i wasnt in the mood for his nonsense.
anyway the experience started being horrible immediately. the lane was overcrowded and the people in it were so slow i was forced to wait at the wall for them after each and every lane. by the time i got done my first 500m, i just stopped counting and switched to plain ol' breaststroke. and i was still way faster.
my swim cap had gotten lotion on it from my bag so i was having a helluva time trying to keep it on, and my goggle strap kept slipping down, making my goggles leak.
this moron with a pull buoy (pulling is supposed to be faster than regular swimming, by the way) was going so slow that i literally had to keep stopping for her, and then at the end of each lane she would bounce up and down on her butt for a few seconds before starting her next lane (but not enough minutes for me to pass her). it was SOOOOO frustrating.
then when i finally gave up and left, someone had taken my water bottle. then when i got to my locker i realised i forgot to bring my towel. agh!
the only silver lining on this pitiful cloud is towards the end of my swim, this guy with a smoking hot body got in the lane and was being privately coached and they were speaking russian or some other eastern european language, so but for the missing cape and leotards, this was basically the embodiment of my sexual fantasies. oh baby.


Callie said...

that sounds like a crappy time. although, i think that no matter how frustrated i was, i would have been put in a considerably better mood if i saw a hot swimming russian privately coached guy at the end.

Anonymous said...

why do people rip off..of all the annoying events u cited the h2o bottle being ripped off would have pissed me right off type of thing