Monday, March 01, 2010

Body Worlds!

so the other excitement this weekend was going to see BODY WORLDS, the super famous exhibit about the human body. the original body worlds was in toronto three years ago, and i wanted to go SO badly, but i didnt get the opportunity. so i was super excited to go this time around, with a whole new exhibit that places considerable emphasis on the heart and cardiovascular system (any long time followers of my blog know that as a huge geek and science graduate, the heart and cardiovascular system is my favourite system. only geeks like myself have favourite systems, i know, but you can see why i of all people would be chomping at the bit to see this show).
so for anyone who doesnt know, body worlds (warning: this sounds kind of gross but i cant think of a more delicate way of putting it) is an exhibition of real human bodies that have been "plastinated" which is a type of preservation i guess that makes the tissue hard, like a sculpture. whats so cool about it though is that the artist/scientist/plastinator guy (whose name is gunther von hagen) takes the skin off the bodies, revealing the musculature, skeleton and organs. then he places them in provocative and often athletic poses.
this exhibit was everything i hoped it would be and more. trevors boyfriend remarked that i was like a kid in a candy store, which is a cliché, but accurate simile. this show touched every single one of my personal happy places (except for maybe the part that involves jack white and/or michael phelps being my lover(s)) simultaneously. my love of anatomy, biology, physiology, sports and art all in one place! i didnt think it was even possible! i will concede that body worlds is not for the faint of heart. but for a certain kind of quirky biologist/artsy type, it is like being on very excellent, expensive drugs. a dream come true.

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