Monday, March 01, 2010

Terre de Nos Aieux

wow. i have so many things to write about, i feel like my head is exploding. we will see how it goes, i may do multiple posts instead of one long one for the sake of organisation. time will tell! so first of all, how awesome was the canada/us mens hockey game? if you didnt see it (why that would be, i cant imagine, but i will humour you), it was the best fucking hockey game i have ever seen. EVER. i dont know how any of us can possibly watch another hockey game without feeling like it isnt up to snuff. it was so exciting! and awesome! its twenty four hours later and you can still feel the love. i have never experienced anything quite like this victory. its amazing how the olympics in general, and the hockey game in particular, have brought this country together. its so inspiring to see everyone celebrating and being patriotic together. i think we really did accomplish what we set out to do. by that i mean we proved that we are a sovereign nation, not just "america junior" as homer simpson once referred to us, and that we can hold our own on the world stage when we really put our minds to it. i am so proud of my country and our athletes and im actually kind of sad that the olympics are now over. i realise that all good things must come to an end, but it was starting to feel like we could just ride this wave forever and ever and ever.
which brings me to the next thing i wanted to write about, which is that i just want to thank all of our athletes for serving our country. i am so grateful to all of them for representing our country with dignity and for putting their best feet forward. i have been so inspired by the entirety of the olympics. i have been performing better at my own sports and their success has driven me to succeed as an athlete. i could not have found this motivation on my own, and for that as well, i thank you.

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Callie said...

it was a great victory, but the game itself wasn't fabulous. our boys gave up in the end, just like they did when competing for the gold medal game, and it caused us to have to risk it all in overtime. it was frustrating.