Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hamilton's Finest

so last night i was with the cubs at the fire station, and i have to say of all of the numerous fire station tours i have had to go on, this was by far the best. usually (and its understandable) the fire fighters seem so bored and uncomfortable with the whole thing. i mean, imagine if some ceo had to give a bunch of children a tour of his office. "here are my drawers, they have paper clips in them. here is my computer where i write dirty email to my secretary" etc. its boring to talk about your job. but these fire fighters were so into their jobs and excited about having us and it got the kids excited too. also there was this woman fire fighter who dealt with the group of kids i was with who was so cool. she was like super serious and i think a little afraid of children but also kind of excited to be talking to us. she just has such a cool but also odd demeanour and i really liked her a lot. i think she might be german. she had a sort of european thing going for her. anyway between her and the other guys it was great, so thank you to hamilton's finest. i have done my share of fire station tours and that was the best. seriously.

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