Friday, February 12, 2010

True Patriot Love

well comrades, the time is upon us! not only are the opening ceremonies of the olympics starting in approximately 7.75 hours, but they are right here, in canada! i am so excited for the olympics this year for three reasons. first, most of my favourite sports to watch are only really televised during the olympics (ie. speed skating, all of the skiing events). second, they are here in canada this year so we have all the more reason to support our athletes. and third, i dont know if you are aware of this, but canada is the only country to have never medaled in olympics on its own soil. this is no small thorn in our national side and so there is alot of pressure on our team to perform well this year, which makes the festivities all the more exciting. it should be noted that this state of affairs is not necessarily only a reflection on our individual athletes, by the way. it is more indicative of a lack of funding for our teams. it doesnt matter how talented and hardworking our team is, they simply cannot compete with countries who have funnelled millions and millions into their olympians. supposedly, though, since we found out about vancouver 2010, we have been concentrating more resources on our olympians, so hopefully it will all pay off.
i hope you all hunker down and enjoy the ceremonies tonight and stay tuned into the events. let the games begin!

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