Tuesday, July 14, 2009

O Canada

you know comrades, i think im in a rut. ever since i started blogging again after my long silence i think i have been reusing post titles, including this one. i guess im going to have to tap into the creative well... or something. anyway, so although its about two weeks past its relevance, i feel i should follow up the post about my day with trevor with a post about my day with dave. we are all good communists here, after all. sadly, i have no pictures from our adventure, which is really a shame, since i think we would have gotten some good ones. perhaps some day one of us will have a digital camera. *sigh* but i digress.
so dave and i had big plans to bike from his place down to the lakeshore, which is approximately a 16k trip going directly down the regular roads. this wasnt our plan, however. we were taking this long and winding path along the don river, which was very scenic and nice, but EASILY added 10k to the trip each way.
anyway, as i mentioned in my post about my day with trevor, it was supposed to rain on tuesday and wednesday, so i was a little apprehensive that my great cycling adventure would be ruined. lucky for me, the people at the weather network are actually on hard drugs all the time and feel no motivation whatsoever to forecast the weather correctly, so the rain held off.
so we went on this super long bike ride and it was lots of fun and i brought leftover chinese food for my snacky-poo and it was definitely too long and hard for dave because hes not quite the cyclist i am..... i would have done it in about 3 and a half hours by myself, and it took us about 5, not including the long break we took when we finally got there, but im not judging. we all know that if anything, i ride too much. and i guess that was that.
in other news, i had this totally random message on my voice mail from kyles mum... she said she was returning my call from when she was away.... i have no clue what thats about. i dont remember calling her..........WEIRD

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