Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uh, Your Momma?

kyle bailey.
i got a very strange message from your mother this week, saying shes sorry she "missed my call while {she} was away" and that she is now finally returning it. i have absolutely no idea what shes talking about so if you could shed some light on the subject i would appreciate it. in other bailey family phone related incompetence, you left me a two minute message last week of clanking and clunking, not unlike the sound of a cell phone accidentally calling someone from inside a knapsack. time for you and telecommunications to have a little break i think.


The Ashes said...

Oh boy. When I first read this, I thought it said Kyla Bailey, and almost died.
I know a Kyla Bailey... Unfortunately.

full_of_puppy_love said...

oh lol. no kyle bailey is one of my friends. his name pops up here every now and again.