Wednesday, July 15, 2009


so believe it or not, i think i figured out what my problem is. whenever i try to pick out a new book to read, which believe it or not is almost every day, it takes me forever because im always looking for the perfect book. particularly this week because last week i read like ten or twelve really disturbing graphic novels. so i was looking for something upbeat but not too, how shall i say? crappy. anyway, so i did find one book a couple of days ago that worked out pretty good but generally i have problems finding new books and end up borrowing books ive already read. i think this makes me some kind of snob. i also always feel like the paper back section is trashy and im afraid i might run into someone i know while im in it. which is also kind of snobby. if not, at least a little i missed my medication-ey. anyway i had planned on writing a more elaborate post about this but i only have three minutes left on this internet station. and ive basically forgotten most of what i wanted to say. *sigh*


The Ashes said...

I'm having a issues finding books to read lately too. I feel like I'm way too old to be still being reading young adult stuff (even though I love it oh so much) but the adult version of the stuff I read is either a) trashy, b) poor written and/or predictable or c) trashy AND poorly written/predictable.
I wish I knew what I liked. I guess that's kind of the opposite of your issue. haha

full_of_puppy_love said...

try paulo cohelo. the guy who wrote the alchemist. he is excellent

callie said...

the alchemist is a superior book. i think i might read it again