Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby, OH!

bahahahahahahahah, thus spoke justin bieber, in lieu of writing real lyrics. why am i writing about the biebs? have i come down with an age-inappropriate case of bieber fever? i can only wish. no, comrades, i just read a blurb in the paper that was too hilarious not to share. apparently, the young mr bieber is slated to publish his MEMOIRS this october. you did not just have a petit seizure, dear readers. i said memoirs. from a sixteen year old internet sensation who spent 14 of those years in STRATFORD. of all places. WOW. im sure his insight and wisdom are exceeded only by his charm. my goodness.
anyway, laughing aside, this news got me thinking about ghostwriting. (what? you mean to say you think he wrote this tome himself? possible, i suppose, but its also possible that im going to win a bazillion dollars in the lottery and then i will be able to be a rally car racer and have a side thing with michael phelps). here is the thing about ghostwriting: it seems unethical to allow someone else to take credit for your work as a writer, but if it is totally OBVIOUS that the book was written by a ghostwriter, does it still matter? and most of these ghostwritten books are pointless piles of crap about celebrities who already have millions of dollars. is it so terrible if a writer or two get a slice of the pie in exchange for a biography here and there? its kind of whoreish, perhaps, but so are most things, really. and the money that a writer makes off of ghostwriting would enable him or her to work on their own book.
i shall have to think about this some more. it does seem slightly unprincipled, but maybe the ends justify the means. im not sure. i would muse about it more here, but i am almost out of computer time for the day, so we shall continue this discussion soon, dear comrades. in the meantime, i hope you are well.

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