Friday, July 30, 2010

If I Could Just Hear Your Pretty Voice, I Don't Think I'd Need to See You at All

thus spoke my beloved jack white, on the album white blood cells; not the first white stripes album, but the one that skyrocketed them to international fame and fourtune, when the world fell in love with jack's puritannical devotion to traditional recording methods and meg's ability to keep the beat, rock steady. (ok, the WHOLE world didnt fall in love with them, but those of us who did are unflinching in our fanaticism). why am i bringing this up? well, comrades, this morning i was, as always, so sad to awake from the most wonderful dream about JACK.
this has happened to me before, when ive had adorable dreams about jack white and i being adorable teenagers who are having an adorable love affair. surprisingly, there are never any sexy results in these dreams, i imagine because i have him on a pedestal a mile high or something like that. anyway, this was one of those times. i was having a dinner party or something (and my imaginary apartment was way cool) and i had invited him but i wasnt sure he was going to come, and he DID! and it was awesome! and then he had to leave and said he might be coming back, but i knew he wouldnt. *sigh*. there was also a strange interlude in this dream where a man had toys stuck in his crazily long and afro-ish pubic hair, and i had to help him get them untangled. this sounds vaguely sexy, but it wasnt.
after the jack white dream, i had another marvelous dream where i was living out my real life dream of having an alpaca farm. dave and i had just acquired it, and we only had two animals. they were actually much bigger than alpacas in the dream and one of them was sort of an auburn orangey colour and the other was bluish with bright yellow patches. the blue one was feisty, and i was chasing it around the farm in the rain. when i finally got it back in the barn, dave and i had to go on a little trek through the woods to where my family was standing in this field. i think some of annes family were there too, mostly the young children that are always about. anyway, so we met up with everyone and there were hundreds and hundreds of flags all over the place, hanging suspended in the air from cords and things, from all different countries, and we all took a flag each and got in a circle and did this sort of tribal flag dance, and i was really curious to see where it was going, but then my mum called and the phone woke me up. tragic.
anyway, it was two super pleasant dreams in a row, which was exciting for me, as i have pretty severe night terrors most of the time. and so now i am in a good mood and it was an excellent way to start the day, if i do say so myself.

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