Thursday, July 15, 2010

Following Up

hello comrades! i thought it was time for me to follow up on a few things that i mentioned a while back. first of all, you may remember my telling you about my first ever attempt at doing my own taxes (if you dont, the post is here). i forgot to mention a couple of weeks ago that i did finish the daunting task, and frankly, it wasnt so bad. i did find that i owe the government about 250 dollars, which sucks, but i am proud to say i did it myself. i still havent received my tax assessment from them, so it is still possible that i completely screwed it up, but i dont think so. its also possible that the tax man will make some adjustments to my return so i dont owe them anything, which happened last year and was AWESOME. we shall see. once again, i will keep you informed.
the other update i have for you relates to the story i told recently about a bizarre conversation i had with a tattoo artist. i dont know for sure, but i think this woman is running around with her tattoo machine giving people infections. why do i think this? ill tell you. one of my clients plays challenger baseball, and we were at the game last week and one of the kid's grandparents struck up a conversation with me about my tattoos. i think she asked me where i got my work done and then complimented the awesome awesomeness of my ink. anyway, she went on to say she was curious because her neighbour recently had a tattoo done and she was suffering from a terrible infection and was on all sorts of nasty, high dose antibiotics. and i said, well that sucks, it really is important to go to a clean place. and she said, well thats just the thing, she had it done in her home. of course, this made my ears perk up, since i had only recently had the bizarre conversation with that weirdo woman in the street. so i said, really? what did this tattoo artist look like? and the grandmother started describing her and i said, you know, i think i met that woman in the street. after exchanging a few more details, i am about 90 percent positive this is the same woman. what a hack.
while i was having this conversation, i reiterated my tale about how people in hamilton consider my tattoo shop to be expensive and snobby. i guess there is a certain amount of truth in that, but the way i see it, i get compliments of the awesome awesomeness of my tattoos all the time, and i figure you get what you pay for. that and as i always say, you cant put a price on not getting AIDS. period.


Callie said...

hahahha. i forgot the conversation you meant and when i went back and read i just couldn't stop laughing the image of this crazy woman arguing about the sex of a PLANT of all things and then saying she is in the public eye in the high arts community. she sounds like such a PSYCHO. and was probably already high when you met her. she seems like the airy type.

full_of_puppy_love said...

she was something else. i felt bad for her chilluns. what a life they must have.