Friday, July 09, 2010

What Time is it, Mr. Wolf?

alright comrades, i am a little frustrated with the fact that every clock in town seems to be at least three or four minutes different. example: at the ymca, the front desk clocks are about five minutes faster than the church across the road, and the locker room clock is five faster than that. the pace clock on the pool deck is somewhere in between, and the clock at the life guard station is about five minutes faster than that. it makes it very difficult to figure out when i need to get out of the pool in order to be on time for work, which leaves me finding myself swimming at ridiculous hours just to be safe. i dont understand. its the same at the library. the clock at the reception is different than the clock at the check out desk, which is different from the clocks by the elevators (which all run together on every floor, like the clocks at a school) which are different from the clocks on the computer network.
dave often comes down on me for not carrying/wearing a watch, but really, i ask you, what would be the point? my watch would be different from all the other clocks except maybe the ones in my apartment. chloé standard time.

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Callie said...

i hate that.
but you should just get a watch and set it to teh time of the place you'll be working at on a given day. document teh differences so you'll know. if it matters that much.
or if you're late, just say the clocks are all different. and then notice how late you are and leave that many minutes earlier next time.