Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Four Strong Winds

hello and happy wednesday, comrades. this morning, i had to be out the door early for work, and while i was having my tea and cigarette, the august wind blew in, reminding me that i have to get a rent cheque before the week is over. despite that unfortunate fact, it always makes me happy when the august wind blows in (although, i have to admit, it didnt last very long, by noon it was scorching and then we had a thunderstorm, and now its even more scorching and humid and gross, and im sure its going to storm again before the day is out. knowing my fabulous luck, it will start just when im mounting my bike to go home. *sigh*). anyway, i like it when that cooler north wind picks up (except for the part where it ruins my life as a cyclist, but that is another story), reminding me that fall, the greatest season, is well on its way. there is so much to love about fall, in my opinion.
i love the way it smells and the way it tastes, and the way its never uncomfortable, temperature-wise. i love how my bedroom gets icy cold if i leave the windows cracked and i love wearing sweaters and hoodies and other unflattering apparel. i love leaving the pool in the morning and the air has some bite to it and my wet hair sends a shiver down my spine. i love waking up to my cats sprawled all over me to get warm. i love trevors birthday and my birthday and thanksgiving mashed potatoes. i love drinking tea to get warm instead of to cool down and its amazing how every year, when the august wind blows in for the first time, it gives me the same feeling of hope and happiness to know that my favourite time of year is just a breath away.

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Callie said...

you got an august wind in july? how strange.