Thursday, July 29, 2010

Callie's Fake Visit

so, my lovely sister, callie, is gone and her fake visit is over. why was it a fake visit, you ask? it wasnt, really, but callie kept accusing things around hamilton of having a fake appearance, like they were from the set of a movie. a city designed to look like a city. or something like that. i tried to convince her that she wasnt really visiting me at all, she was in a coma, but i dont think she believed me.
anyway, it was a pleasure to have her, and to pay homage to her visit, i am going to list my most memorable quotes and moments of the week (at least, the ones i could remember, i am sure there are some that i am forgetting, but such is life).
-> "only you could turn a sex joke into a math joke" - callie
-> "you are the only person i know who i could say 'that soil looks full of nutrients' to, and you just say, 'yes, it does'" -callie
-> callie puts on her bicycle helmet and heads for the door, saying, "ok, lets go," to which i respond, "arent you going to bring your bike?"
-> callie: "ive never had sugar pie" me: "it is exactly what it is"
-> callie and i went "shopping for a wallet," which consisted of us trying on shoes for an hour and then not buying anything.
so there you have it, the little things that make a visit. i am looking forward to the next one.

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