Thursday, July 22, 2010

Girls Wearing Glasses

greetings, comrades! it has certainly been a few too many days since i posted, and i apologise. in my own defense, i have the lovely callie here for a visit, and so my days have been filled with far more meandering about the city than usual and so the library visits were the first thing to get the axe. today, however, i decided we should spend a little time in front of the computers, so here we are. this actually ended up being a great decision because i took callie and my darling anne to see the aviary, which i forgot to do last march when callie was here. i am generally opposed to visiting animals in captivity, but the aviary is an exception, because i think that those animals have all been rescued. they are also extremely well cared for. there are lovely gardens there as well and callie took excellent pictures. i didnt really understand why callie likes our dads camera better than hers (which is now mine) but now that i have them both at my disposal, i totally get it. hers/mine is a piece of crap next to our dads/hers, but mine is mostly for taking pictures for anne rather than nice fancy pictures, so in that respect it gets the job done.
other highlights of callies visit have been visiting with barb last nite, going to challenger baseball on monday and introducing her to some of the kids that i am really fond of, finishing my sweaters and having callies obnoxiously perfect body to model them for my photographs, going to the y (ok not really that exciting, but i have been having a rough month in that department), buying cat hairball laxative, and making shepherds pie. im sure the ultimate highlight will be on saturday when we go to the art gallery with dave and then home to collingwood, and will be sure to update you when it happens.
as for today, other than the aviary, i am going to take callie to my most favourite pizza place in the world, basilique, since we are in the neighbourhood, which i am expecting to go amazingly. i was hoping to get to the market today, but i dont think we are going to have time. or maybe callie and i will go by ourselves between clients. time will tell.
i always enjoy having my sister come to visit. my clients like her a lot, and it makes the days go more quickly. also, having someone else around gives me reason to cook, which doesnt happen much when im on my own. most of all, though, i like for her to see what my job is really all about. it is so hard to explain and no amount of blogging can ever do it justice, and i think it is a valuable experience for her to see what the special needs community is like, and to see why the work i do is important. i also like that she can go home and report to our mother that i do not exaggerate about the strenuous physical work that i do day in and day out. so thats something, i guess.
i really hope that my sister considers wheelchair pushing, even part time, when she is older. there are very few people who can do it, and even fewer who are naturals at it, but i think she would be both. she has that instinctive understanding of special needs and knows how to communicate with people like my clients, and thats the most important characteristic of a worker. unfortunately, it is also the most elusive. too many workers dont have this natural ability, and their clients suffer for it. we need more people like my sister in this field, and i think she would enjoy the work. i guess thats the most important thing about her coming to visit, if you think about it.

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callie said...

hey. you're sitting on the other side of anne right next to me so i can just tell you how splendid and nice this post is as i read it (just like i'm talking to you about my new post as you read it) but since everyone likes comments, i am commenting instead. this is craziness.
this is a lovely and nice and splendid post. i like how you keep introducing me as your lovely sister. it sort of makes me feel obligted to be lovely always.