Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Everything is Fodder

so yesterday anne and i were headed back to her house when we had a rather hilarious encounter with a woman. the woman was with her two young children and i noticed she had a very original looking DNA tattoo on her leg, which was impressive because unique looking DNA tattoos are hard to find, they are so common. anyway so i was like "nice tattoo" and she was like "thanks" and i was like "are you a biologist" and she was like "no im a tattoo artist."
anyway the conversation just went from there and she made the following claims:
-> she had studied "premed" biology (specifically endocrinology and dermatology. because those two things are so similar they just pair up as naturally as gynocology and obstetrics), and "turned down" and "apprenticeship up north" as a dermatologist because she was pregnant;
-> there was a fertile female ginko plant on king william street, which she felt was rare. i told her there were more down town on james street. and she said no those are males. and i said no they are female.
-> she cant have red tattoos because she has too much testosterone and they "grow out"
-> she was looking for a "discreet" place to smoke a joint. i told her this was hamilton and you dont need to be discreet here to which she replied that she was "in the high arts community" she had to be discreet because now she is in the public eye (?)

anyway, i dont really have time to sit here and explain to you why this conversation was bizarre and began to feel a little contrived, but believe me it was totally bizarre, and in my usual fashion, i was totally glad of it, because i thought, well now i have something to put on my blog.


Callie said...

it sounds like this woman dropped out of some sort of post-secondary education and is grasping at straws to seem more well-informed than she is, such as throwing out teh words dermatology and endocrinology as relatives, which, obviously, they aren't. she probably knows something about endocrinolgy and read about dermatology in chatelaine.
high arts.
so public you don't even know what they are.

full_of_puppy_love said...

bahahaha callie you are hilarious.

Callie said...

i try.