Saturday, June 05, 2010


well comrades. i have some sad news. it would seem that i have come down with the dreaded summer time cold. i can only guess where i picked it up (looking at you, siblings) and needless to say, i am not amused. aside from the obvious problems, like not feeling well, being tired and having my ears chock full o' fluid, i am PISSED about this, because unless i lick it soon, it will definitely interfere with my swimming regimen. contrary to that idiotic advil cold and sinus commercial, no amount of medication makes swimming with your sinuses full of fluid comfortable. not to mention the aches and pains, and your body's overall need to relax so it can recover.
anyway, i am pounding the oil of oregano and the vitamin c and i am trying to relax this weekend, so hopefully i will be back in the saddle soon! wish me well, dear readers! wish me well!


Callie said...

what happens if i don't wish you well?

full_of_puppy_love said...

then you are a douche.

Callie said...