Friday, June 25, 2010

What a World

hello comrades! sorry for my relative absence this week, but i am having such a shitty week. monday, i was hungover, missed my swim. then tuesday was going well until about ten pm, when i left the y only to discover THAT MY FUCKING BICYCLE SEAT AND THE CLAMP TO HOLD IT ON HAD BEEN STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was so livid. i realise, of course, that i bear some responsibility for not bringing the seat into the y with me, but i was still pretty pissed. my bike is my vehicle and i am more dependent on it than anything else i can think of. i felt so violated and angry. i just wanted to put my fist through the back of somebody's head. THEN, the next day, when i went to replace it, it ended up costing me NINETY SEVEN FUCKING DOLLARS to buy a seat and post and clamp that were equivalent to the ones that were stolen. unbelievable. and THEN, the parts i bought were the wrong size, so i had to go back and exchange them. on top of all this i had a tiff with dave (we are fine, but tiffing sucks no matter how you cut it) and then i fell with a client at his soccer game while his super overprotective parents were watching and he got it in the face with a ball, and THEN today annes mum tells me she has to go to a funeral tomorrow and she doesnt know what to do about anne because i dont work the weekends anymore (if that isnt a guilt trip, i dont know what is). on top of everything else, i have daves mental case mother leaving me idiotic messages on my voicemail because she wants to sit and rehash the argument we had last week, and the g20 is expected to send traffic volume through the roof this weekend, so i have no clue how long it will take me to get from hamilton to toronto tonite. I. CANT. BELIEVE. THIS. WEEK.
the only silver linings i have to focus on are these: the bike seat that i bought to replace the one that was stolen is actually even nicer than the one that was stolen. and my old one was starting to crack, so i was planning on replacing it in about six months anyway. the other is that i just tried to be thankful that i even have a bike and a job and a body to ride the bike with. it doesnt really take the hurt out of it, but i think its important to focus on the big picture at times like these. *sigh*


Callie said...

you could look at it this way:

i posted on girls wearing glasses a week ago and you haven't.

full_of_puppy_love said...

what does that have to do with ANYTHING

Trouble.Thinks said...

'i just wanted to put my fist through the back of somebody's head' i know the feeling, in fact that's what i felt when that somebody stole my entire bike!!! grrr. a few weeks later i saw the guy riding it right past me on the sidewalk down my street. i thought about chasing him & shoving him off my bike but he was a big mean looking dude & i didn't have a weapon on me as i was on my way to college and couldn't be late.

full_of_puppy_love said...

wow thats brutal! insult to injury. totally.