Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tale as Old as Time

so finally, finally, after many moons of waiting, dave and trevor and i got our asses down to collingwood to see the much anticipated collingwood collegiate institute production of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. this was super exciting for all of us because courtland and callie were both in the play. courtland played the beast and callie was the slut. i mean the feather duster.
anyway, the show was outstanding, and reached a much higher caliber than any high school production i have ever seen. all of the kids did extremely well (although the girl who plays mrs potts and has to sing the theme song is apparently tone deaf. go figure) but the two stand outs, by and large, were andrew and zac, who played cogsworth and lumiere, respectively.
andrew and zac were so mature and played with such professionalism and maturity that it was easy to forget we were watching a high school musical. they absolutely stole the show and its been like, three days or something since i last saw it and im STILL thinking about those guys. thats good acting.
courtland and callie were both fantastic, and even more impressive considering they were getting over a cold that had effected their throats for a couple of weeks. which brings me to the real point of this post..... going to the play inevitably causes us to fantasize about the "what if scenarios" surrounding the possibility of one or both of my siblings actually making a name for themselves in show business. and here is what i have come to realise.
if courtland and/or callie ever did manage to make something of a name for themselves as actors, either onstage or in film or television, i dont think i would ever really be able to muster the verisimilitude necessary to get absorbed in their work. this is not a comment on either of their abilities as actors, its just theres something about them being a sibling that makes it impossible for me to separate them from who i know them to be. its hard to explain. i think its because no matter what, i am subconsciously comparing their performances to my previous and lifelong experience of them and their personalities.
i think this would be better explained by an example. there was a scene in beauty and the beast where courtland, the beast, is so overcome with frustration and grief over his situation that he punches the portrait of himself as a human and it falls apart. its an excellent scene and courtland was excellent in it. my problem: i could not stop laughing, because i know for a fact that all of the posters in courtlands room are covering holes that he punched in his walls. anyway, i guess thats just the way it goes when youre related to "the talent" in a production, and thats ok. either way, it was an amazing show and i am so proud of both my siblings and all of the students who made such an excellent production possible.

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Yeah I get what ya mean about the fine line of personality and acting..