Monday, June 07, 2010

Walking With the Dinosaurs

hello comrades! i had SUCH an excellent weekend! but i am going to divide the details into two posts, because there are two unrelated things i have to talk about. ok, so down to business. so, on friday, after much anticipation, dave and i took my beloved friend and client anne to the walking with the dinosaurs show. we also met up with barb beforehand for a little libation. this was exciting and amazing and awesome for a variety of reasons.
first off, dave and anne have never met. as they are two of the most important and relevant people in my life, i thought it was about time.
second, barb has not been able to get out for a beer with me or anne or both of us in ages.
third, barb had also never met dave and so that was exciting for the same reasons as my first point.
fourth, it was super amazing and exciting and rewarding and fun and awesome because anne was SOOOOOOOOOO WELLLLLLLL BEHAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD. i know i talk about anne alot but i never really go into a lot of details. anne is an extremely behavioural client with a history of aggression and even violence. she is also somewhat preoccupied with men. so, the fact that she not only behaved really well but had a really fun time was so exciting for me as a worker. three years ago, i could have never taken her to a bar, or a show, or out with a male. it just wouldnt have been possible, she would have been totally out of control. but on friday she was a perfect lady, and i have never been prouder. she also had tons of fun at the actual show (which was excellent, too. its this show with these life size, realistic looking dinosaurs walking around and doing stuff. it was very cool. i will post pictures when i get a chance) which made me really happy. also i was so proud of dave, because if you arent used to people with special needs, meeting someone like anne can and usually is a little outside of your comfort zone, but he was totally cool and unfazed by her. it really made me remember why i love him so much.
anyway, it was awesome, and i am still reeling about it. i am so happy that everything went as well as it did. its times like that when people in my field really get to see the difference we make in our clients lives and remember why it is we go to work every day.


Callie said...

i can't wait to see anne again. this made me want to visit really bad.

full_of_puppy_love said...

oh im glad baby. i was thinking about that yesterday, that we have to set a date. she is looking forward to seeing you too. so is samantha. i think that you and courtland should both consider wheelchair pushing as a part time job when you graduate. you would both do well at it.

Callie said...

i have, actually. people like samantha and anne are way cooler than people at my current job.