Monday, June 21, 2010

Are You For Real?

hello comrades! i am a little bamboozled on this bright and sunny monday. it was my uncles cd party last night and i had a few too many pints. we had fun though, so thats all that matters, i guess, but i could really use a nap.
anyway, so i came to the library to use this fine computer and i booked a time like usual, and headed on up to the third floor to take advantage of my booking when lo and behold, there was a pretty little teenager sitting at my computer! so i said uh, i have this computer booked. and she says, real angry, NO YOU DONT I HAVE IT BOOKED FOR 1230. and i said, well how can that be when i just booked it for 1245? and shes like I DONT KNOW BUT I JUST GOT OFF THAT BOOKING COMPUTER. and im like, ok whatever, knowing that she wouldnt be able to log on because i had the computer booked and then she would have to leave and i could take it. so thats exactly what happened. so she gets up in a huff and goes back to the booking computer to see what the problem is. THEN she comes back over to me and is like, could you just come and look at this. and im like, ok. so i go over and she shows me that she has this computer booked for 145. and i was like, that says you have it booked at 145, not 1245. and shes like I KNOW! I JUST HAD TO REBOOK BECAUSE OF YOU! and im like, well i dont know what the problem is, i guess youll have to speak to the librarian, because the system let me log on, so its my slot. and she goes, ok fine, whatever, and SHOWS ME THE HAND. im not even joking. she actually shows me the hand. hilarious.
the point of my story, i guess, is that i get where she was coming from. she was obviously having one of those days where technology was conspiring against her. weve all been there, and its super frustrating. but i dont see why shes taking it out on me. im an innocent, computer using bystander. it has nothing to do with me, im just like, the collateral damage. anyway, i think i will be slipping off this machine a few minutes early in case she decides to bring a weapon with her at 145.

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Callie said...

silly girl.