Friday, June 11, 2010

Chloé Grows Up

well comrades, we have much to talk about and much to reminisce. ok, maybe not so much reminiscing, but i am excited to report that i have decided to DO MY OWN TAXES. i realise this is rather boring news, but i am excited about it, because its one of those things that most people dont do themselves. i was going to pay someone to do it, but i thought, hmmm.... i dont have a spouse, children, property, investments or assets, so how hard can it POSSIBLY be??? thats right, not that hard. so why would i pay someone to do it for me? no reason! so i shall let you know how it goes and you can all decide if doing your own taxes is for you.
in other news, i decided to join the 21st century and got myself a twenty dollar mp3 player, because doing 45 minutes on the rowing machine with no other stimulation is totally boring. i am totally enjoying the purchase, although i was forced to confront the complete lack of organization of my music files on my computer. not having an mp3 player this whole time meant i had no reason to organize or even title most of my audio files, which resulted in my having to spend almost 2 hours copying the files to the player because it couldnt support having multiple files with the same name in the same folder. but no matter, thats all water under the bridge now.
man im so frustrated right now im totally having one of those moments where i had something else planned to write about and now it is COMPLETELY escaping me. grrrrrrrrr i hate it when that happens.
ohhhhhhhhhh i remembered! and now that i have, i feel like an idiot for building it up so much, because its kind of mundane. anyway, here it is: so i bought some nordica cottage cheese today, 2%, always my cottage cheese of choice. i get home and lasted about 10 minutes before i caved and opened it, and i was disappointed to see that the texture was all wrong! i tasted it, and the taste was all wrong! alas! what is going on here? and what shall i do? well ill tell you, i looked at the label, and APPARENTLY nordica, without consulting me first, has changed its formula to a new reduced sodium formula. i suppose this a good thing, but i am SHOCKED to see how much a reduction in salt has changed the texture and taste. it didnt taste BAD or anything, just noticably different.
when you buy something and its something you love, you want it to taste the way you expect. so im not sure what to make of this. do i switch brands? do i adapt to this new formula (like when yves changed their veggie dog formula? a change for the better, i think)? i dont know. i realise its stupid to get hung up on a litre of cottage cheese, but its a huge staple for me and also one of my favourite foods. so i think i have some justification here. also, since i gave up drinking beer during the week (i also havent really been drinking beer on the weekends, either, ive mostly been drinking vodka sodas) the list of small pleasures is dwindling. *sigh*


veggies said...

Haha, this reminds me of a discussion on 20sb we had today. It was about how you know when you're an adult. I mentioned that I don't think I'm really an adult yet because I don't know how to do my own taxes. So that must mean that you're an adult! ;)

Callie said...

that's weird, we bought 2% nordica cottage cheese the other day too. i haven't eaten any of it but i'm sure i would disapprove of the change. i'm picky about my cottage cheese.

full_of_puppy_love said...

who isnt? i mean come on. especially vegetarians... we need that shit to live.