Monday, August 30, 2010

Isn't it a Pity

greetings, comrades. i hope all is well with you. me, ive been better. having a bit of a bout with anxiety the last couple of weeks; i am starting to feel better, and i am looking forward to my workout this evening, which as always is the cure for what ails me.
anyway, that isnt really what i wanted to write about. in fact, i have some sad news. well, its sad to me, i dont know if any of YOU guys will care, but as ive said before, this is my blog and i can say what i want. (sidebar: i just totally got distracted by the fact that you really do use the fingers on your left hand more than the fingers on your right when youre typing. im sure you all know the tale of how they purposely made the QWERTY keyboard backwards to a right handed person because people were typing so fast that it jammed up the typewriters. anyway, every once in a while i am cognizant of this fact. moving on.)
so the sad news is, my lovely sister has decided to quit blogging. im not sure why, and i guess i understand, but i am rather saddened by this unexpected turn of events. i guess i kind of felt like blogging is something we do together. now it isnt. also, it is nice to read her blog when she is writing about her comings and goings and other various observations and meandering. its like spending time with her. sort of. anyway, i wish her the best, and i hope she knows that she is welcome to do guest posting on THIS blog any time she likes..... so that is that. i would like to leave you with the following quote from a white stripes song. jack always knows best.
"and i love my sister, lord knows how ive missed her.
i love her and i know she wont forget.
sometimes i get jealous of all her little pets,
and i get lonely, but i aint that lonely yet."

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