Thursday, September 02, 2010

I Think I May Have Found a New Hobby

hello comrades! i was just perusing the blogs that i follow, and i think i may have found a new hobby. andy, of andy hmm, was talking about geocaching on his blog and after a little investigating, i think i have found a new hobby.
basically, geocaching is where you use a gps to find little treasures that people have hidden around the globe. i dont actually have a gps at the moment, but i have friends who do, and there are a couple in my neighbourhood that i wont really need a gps for, so that will get me started. anyway, the way it works is you plug the coordinates of the cache into your gps and then go looking for it. sounds simple, but it could be anywhere from a five minute walk to a full blown hike to find one. its pretty cool if you ask me, and i will be sure to let you know when i find the one around the corner from my place. i wont be able to go looking for it tonite, because it will be after dark by the time i get off work, but i will go look tomorrow, or possibly monday. i. am. excited.

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