Sunday, September 12, 2010


hello comrades! long time no see. i am sorry for my prolonged hiatus from blogging. it was not intentional. i have just had a hectic couple of weeks, and as usual, blogging was the first thing to get the axe. anyway, i dont really have much to say, either. not much has happened lately, but i am glad to be getting back into the school year with its more regular schedule and cool weather. not that im going back to school, but my work schedule is more regular because of the chilluns going back to school. anyway, now im visiting my uncle mudd and i gave my aunt the sweater i made her and she loved it and i made a chocolate cheesecake and now we are going to go on a geocaching adventure. so im excited, and i will let you know how my first geocaching adventure turns out.


Callie said...

this blog is just like your other "i haven't blogged in a hiwle" blogs.

Anonymous said...

yay! but this post is interesting. It starts with WOOT! and ends with OUT!