Monday, September 27, 2010


alright, after telling myself all day that i wasnt going to sit here on my clients computer after work and i was, absolutely, going to go the y, here i am, sitting in front of the computer and now it is too late to go to the y. *sigh* i am so frustrated. i really havent been keeping up as strictly with my swimming the last couple of weeks. this is mostly due to the fact that i have been covering extra shifts at my clients in stoney creek, and i find it is just too much for me to bike to his house and work out in the same day. anyway, i decided i should post something so i wont feel i have completely wasted my time sitting here, which is pretty much what i did, but you know. at least i charged my mp3 player. small victories. and all that. anyway, despite what i just said about finding it to be too much, i think i will go to the y and do some weights tomorrow when i am between clients, because i really have to stop missing the y. i am really looking forward to getting back into some semblance of my regular school year routine soon though. i do not enjoy having work encroach on my time at the pool, if that isnt already obvious.
in other news, my attempt at sexifying sweaters by posting pictures of my pantsless sister wearing my work seems to be backfiring. everyone just keeps commenting on how nice her ass is (one person thought it was MY ass, and i felt like an idiot explaining that it was not. it was nice to think that someone found me desirable for a fleeting second, though) and not really noticing the sweater. i shall have to work on my marketing techniques.
speaking of being desirable (or not) i think, to a certain extent, that ones attractiveness has the potential to change depending on your partner. what i mean by that is i think that if one partner is more physically attractive than the other, it makes them look even more attractive (and the other less) by comparison. or maybe its the other way around??? either way, it just goes to show how such impressions are really all a matter of relative subjectivity and not physical fact. i can imagine someone exploiting this theory to get ahead in the dating world. go out with someone less attractive and hit a singles bar and suddenly look like a catch. or something like that. anyway, i REALLY should get home, i am totally overstaying my welcome here.


Callie said...

ahahahhaha! man, those pictures aren't even good ones of my ass, since they aren't even of my ass. leave it to my behind to detract attention from your intricate knitting feats. hahahhahaa. so, so ridiculous. i should be a butt model.

full_of_puppy_love said...

you totally should.