Monday, September 13, 2010

Share The Road

hello comrades. i am sorry for the lameness of my last post. or is it called lameosity? i just wanted you to know i was still alive (if that wasnt already obvious, callie). never fear though, comrades, i am STILL alive today, and i actually have something to write about. huzzah!
as a cyclist, i spend much of my time fighting for my life against the perils of people who have no business being behind the wheel of any sort of vehicle. often, i doubt they even belong behind the handle bars of a tricycle or a shopping cart, much less anything with a combustion engine. i dont know what it is about southern ontario, but i really am beginning to think that there are more bad drivers than good ones, and i would like to make the following comments:
-> after doing an unofficial, unscientific observation experiment in my mind over the course of many months, i have decided that the worst drivers are people who drive nissans. the sweeping majority of nissan owners dont follow the rules of the road and consistently try to kill this fine cyclist. interestingly, i found that people who drive chevrolets and toyotas to be the best drivers, BUT when a chevy or toyota driver is bad, they are far worse than even the worst nissan pilot. so there you go. i would be interested in looking up police statistics of accidents in relation to make and model of car. maybe i will do that, that stuff has got to be on the public record.
-> CYCLISTS HAVE A RIGHT TO BE ON THE ROAD! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN TRAFFIC! GET OVER IT! that being said, for some reason, drivers dont get it that those of us who are good and experienced cyclists ride our bikes the same way people drive their cars. we know all the rules and all the laws and we obey them. we act exactly like cars. i do not understand why drivers seem to be completely incapable of predicting cyclist behaviour. its like they expect us to leap onto their hoods at any second. we know exactly what the cars are doing, what is the matter with them? also, i would like to state for the bazillionth time that A CYCLIST DOES NOT HAVE TO DISMOUNT HIS OR HER BIKE IN ORDER TO COME TO A FULL STOP! it is SO annoying when cars wont take their turn at a stop sign until they see you dismount. its like, DUDE, i am trying to NOT do this and you are MAKING ME.
-> i think that cyclists who are going to ride in traffic (ie. adults, not children) should have to have a cycling license. i would be more than happy to get one. then we would HAVE to be respected by the vehicles, the government would be collected some much needed taxes from us, and we would have plates on our bikes which would reduce theft. its a win-win-win situation. the only people, as far as i can tell, who would have a problem with this are motorists, because they are idiots, and im fine with that. i really am.
-> finally, i have decided that the reason there are so many bad drivers is either because people get the bad habits over time (likely) or they are exchanging sexual favours with licensing examiners for passing licensing tests (very likely). either way, the madness must end. i propose that drivers have to do the practical driving test every. single. year. it doesnt make any sense that they do it once when theyre seventeen and then never get tested again until they turn eighty. almost all bad habits are a result of sloppiness that builds up over time. people would be rioting in the streets if we didnt have our doctors doing relicensing every once in a while... why should driving be any different? i remember someone (maybe a chef?) once telling me that you are most at risk of having an accident as soon as you feel confident using a tool. its the exact same with driving. once you get confident, you get sloppy, lazy and cocky.

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