Monday, January 10, 2011

Double Nostalgia

so last week i was stuck killing some time on my bike in the freezing cold, waiting for a church to open its doors for cubs. since it was freezing and after dark, i opted to kill said time riding my bike around the neighbourhood to curb my boredom and try to get warm. although riding around in circles didnt do much to accomplish either, i did have an unexpected bout of what shall henceforth be called "double nostalgia." during this little excursion, i ended up riding around a school parking lot for a while and it reminded me of when my siblings and i were kids and we used to bike around the parking lot at the health centre on the corner of our street. but it ALSO reminded me of when i was in high school learning to drive and my dad took me to parking lots to turn doughnuts on the ice. it was very strange to be so reminded of memories that are so far apart, chronologically and thematically. anyway, that was pretty much the high point of the evening, because approximately three hours later, the russians tromped us and it was totally fucking embarassing.

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