Friday, January 28, 2011

My Brains Are Tingling

sooooooo one of my friends is in school for some sort of vague computer networking nonsense and is having trouble with his ciphering. as we all know (or ought to), i am fond of ciphering, to the extent that i am actually teaching myself how to do hexadecimal arithmetic solely for the purpose of helping him with his homework. *sigh* the joys of being a geek.
in other news, i finally found a used copy of season four of the office, which i have been looking for for over a year. i have been rewatching seasons two and three over, and over, and over and over, and its not that im sick of them, but i get so into the ongoing storylines and im like I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!! even though i kind of already do. its not the same though as actually watching.
which brings me to another point. when you dont have cable or satellite or whatever and you only ever watch dvds, as is the case with me, watching regular television becomes one of the most aggravating experiences known to man. i never have to put up with commercials and i get to watch a whole season of a show at once, which makes it feel like a nice, long, long, long movie. amazing.
anyway, as you can probably tell, i really didnt have much else to write about after i got finished with talking about hexadecimal, but my sister was harassing me to blog so i thought i would oblige her. i wish i had more exciting information to share, but sadly, i dont. although this one librarian keeps stalking around the computer area like some kind of jungle cat, glaring at all of us. im not totally clear as to why she is doing this except perhaps that she is suspicious of all of us non computer having miscreants or something. who knows.

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