Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Nexus of the Universe?

alright so i finally did that shameful act. i googled myself. no, not that, actual googling. like www.google.com. why? because in the chat room on 20sb, someone is filling out a dating website profile and one of the questions is "do you google people before a first date" and the two girls having the conversation both said that they did. this is not something that would have occurred to me to do at all, but it got me thinking, what if someone were to google ME before a first date???? and lo and behold, great sakes alive, this is what i found!

like, what??????????? this isnt me, but i sure as hell wish it was! SO WEIRD. i guess there is a lesson here, some sort of sage fabley type thing where you have to be careful of doing dangerous stuff like googling yourself or it could freak you out. just stick to the other kind of googling, i guess. better safe than sorry.

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Chunky Knubby Navel said...

After we were married, I googled my husband's name, and some fancy little ice skater man popped up. He looked a little too much like my husband, so now I'm worrying that he's living a double life. Google...always making us suspicious.