Monday, January 23, 2006

Better Climax Than An Erotic Novel

WELL i have quite a few things to talk about today. first of all, a thousand thank yous go out to shayla for hooking me up with both the original dolly parton version of jolene, and the dolly parton duet with melissa etheridge of jolene. both versions are spectacular. dolly parton is the shit and i love melissa etheridge as much as any straight woman can love a lesbian rock star. anyway my comments on the dolly parton orginal is that its jsut as excellent as the cover... i agree with shayla that jack white adds an element of desperation to it that dolly doesnt and that makes his version more haunting which is what is so moving about it, but that said, the dolly parton version has that whole "i will slap you six ways from sunday, bitch" thing going for it. as for the duet, ive heard dolly and melissa together before (thats actually how it came about that shayla found it for me) and the two of them sing together beautifully. melissa's soulful gravelly voice adds the right amount of emotion to the piece and dolly's more feminine harmony really makes it quite the girl power experience. that and i think dolly sings beautifully. anyway so that was the big excitment in my life last nite... listening to three versions of jolene over and over and over again.
the other thing i wanted to talk about was something nik and i were discussing at work yesterday. nik and i listen to a lot of elvis at work, cause i do love that old time rock n roll (that kind of music just soothes the soul). anyway i was lamenting to nik about how no one ever does elvis covers and i dont understand why when there are so many elvis impersonators. and he suggested that the presence of so many impersonators is probably the very reason why no one makes any covers. this is possibly true, but i think that in light of there being so many impersonators, hearing some elvis covers would be at the very least refreshing... and they wouldnt be such a bad idea, because i mean elvis had the most number one hits of all time or whatever, so like i mean theyre good songs. and the fact that his music is still so popular just confirms that. so all of you rock stars out there... i need a little more fire, a little less spark, get off your asses and do an elvis cover.


Anonymous said...

i'm honoured. to find a place in your blog.
and you're very welcome a thousand times in return.
love, your dearest shayla.
(hahah the word verification is "biorcz" this time... i love it...)

Anonymous said...

kefbmup this time... eeeeheheh

so mature.

Kate said...

I think a significant lack of Elvis Cover songs can be explained in two ways:

1. A great deal of the songs Elvis performed were covers of other artists to begin with, thus narrowing the range of song options a contemporary artist has to choose from when creating a tribute to the King.

2. After a little searching, I've managed to uncover quite a few Elvis covers. They're just absolutely horrific and by people like Nick Carter so it's no wonder they've never seen the light of day.

We need some actual heavy weights to get on the Elvis bandwagon and do something worth hearing.