Thursday, January 26, 2006

May You Live To Forget This Night

well a big happy birthday to my roomate, matt, also referred to as matieu and matt des maths at home... he turned 22 yesterday, and let me tell you, he was HILARIOUS. he had his party at the pepperjack café for open mike night, and long story short, this girl that is totally infatuated with matt showed up and by the time they were both intoxicated, they were sucking face like no tomorrow. it was HILARIOUS. it happened so suddenly and it didnt stop and i laughed and laughed and laughed. matt, you are so pimpin. other highlights include the arrival of a threesome who decided that steve and i were lepers, and a very chill conversation with another couple at the leper table which included "so steve what do you do?" and us having a laugh and me being like yes, what DO you do, which was excellent. i also enjoyed the guy who beat boxes.. ive heard him before hes excellent, and steve was like get up i want to SEE him which was adorable. anyway so yes, until the next brithday, adieu.

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Fred Jardine said...

hehehe....I'm leaving a comment devoid of semantic content.