Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We're Back, Ready for Round Two

well well well, after ringing in the new year in a more or less unexciting and uneventful manner, we are all ready to go for term two. woo hoo. honestly my life is passing me by. i think i need to go speak to an academic counsellor about what i need to do to write the MCAT next year... which is frightening and whatnot. i love how my future is hinging on a test. a very difficult test. its all very upsetting. anyway, next subject. jen still isnt home from her vacation.. she said shes coming home today though. i hope she gets here soon though i miss her and matt and i decided we wanted to have some family time when she gets back, cause its been a while, what with exams and all. anyway, today was spent mostly waiting in line. i was waiting in line for OSAP for like an hour and a half, which sucked, and then at the athletics and recreation office for almost another hour. but at least i got my OSAP, and i signed up for two yoga classes so i can use the mat that jen gave me for christmas. i have the seven am class again on thursdays and mondays, which probably means teh end of the sunday night "meetings" of the "breakfast club" at work. we shall have to find a new day im thinking. what else. i only have one class on tuesdays (again) this semester, so i went to that and spent the rest of the day in the aforementioned line waiting activites. big plans tonite: returning my movie and buying milk. possibly renting another movie. (sighs) so lame. oh speaking of movies i went to see memoirs of a geisha last friday and it was excellent. it was a little long but ive never been one to have a problem with that sort of thing. it was interesting and kept my attention, and i really liked its aesthetic. good directing, the whole thing was splendid. and the main character was the chick who was the evil chick in crouching tiger/hidden dragon, who i really hated in that movie, she was such a whiny bitch. i was worried that i wouldnt like memoirs of a geisha because of her presence, but she was quite good, it must just be the CHARACTER in crouching tiger that i didnt like, which is good cause youre supposed to hate that character, and my dislike of said character shows what a versatile and talented actor she is. also, michelle yogh was excellent as always, and the chick who played the evil character in memoirs of a geisha (not the chick who played teh evil chick in crouching tiger) was suberb. she totally stole the show. she was so convincing and excellent and beautiful and just a fantastic actor. id liek to see more of her for sure. anyway so, all in all i would reccommend memoirs, but its not a super exciting movie or anything so you ahve to be in the mood for a more mellow movie.

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Anonymous said...

i am lookong so forward to seeing that movie...glad u liked it...love the mother unit