Thursday, January 05, 2006

Botanists Reunited

what a day what a day what a day. today i had my first plant physiology class, and who should be there.... none other than my dear friend amit. it was doubly cool because him and i met in a plant class and here we are, in a plant class together again. also i was excited to see that theres only like thirty people in the class, and its about time the class sizes went down around here. so then amit and i went for coffee for we had much to talk about and much to reminisce. also i picked up my tips from the bar, and i guess the manager was in a good mood when he did them because my tips were addressed to bruce wayne, which just made my day. after coffee i went over to amits and we played cards and his roomate enlisted me to teach him how to knit and how to crochet and i believe to help him with guitar. i also learned that amit can do chin ups which is impressive, since hes sort of small. then the three of us went to our next class and that was cool and then i went back over to their house and chilled for a little while, then i went out for lunch with clancy and i ate tons and tons and it was all very gratifying. anyway needless to say, it was an excellent day, much more excellent than yesterday, which were going to forget about. :)

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