Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mack Daddy

well today wasnt that exciting. i had yoga today and im sure ill be feeling it tomorrow, but i really enjoyed teh yoga mat that jen gave me for christmas and it went so nice with my new yoga pants. anyway i also had my first plant physiology lab, and i ended up kind of ditching amit, because this chick who i know from lab and class snagged my lab partner skills before he did. anyway i felt sort of bad about it until the end of the lab when ryan and kyster and i were waiting around for him to finish up and i realised he was macking up the french babe. so that was the highlight of my day... amit macking up the french babe. hats off to you amit! although today was the second time id seen her and when i saw her the first time someone else was trying to mack her up so i dunno man she seems to be a hot commodity (those crazy foreign chicks!) so you better strike while the irons hot and use the lab partner solidarity to your advantage. its gotten you this far ;)


MistryZ said...

I love how when I just be myself, everyone assumes I was macking on a chick! bahahahaha! At man if you heard the words coming out of my mouth when talking to her, YOU would have fell down laughing (I know kyster did, damn its been so long since I have done something that funny). Anywhoooo, why did you have to feel bad for ditching, its not like I didn't get a partner, it all worked out in the end! You and your watching me after the lab creeped me out (why is she watching me so attentively, is there somethin one my face?).

knanan said...

yea, for the record:
amit wasn't really hitting on that girl (that was me).
nor was he crying in the greenhouse (me again).


ryJuice said...

Hey! I remember that time. It's almost as if I was there. Almost.

And that Amit sure is HI-larious. I can't wait to see what he does next time.