Monday, March 13, 2006

And The Ladies Who Love The Ladies

and now for today. i skipped yoga this morning in order to maximise my sleep because i felt i needed it in my ongoing effort to kill my cold, not to mention i need some staying power to do my homework tonight (which i should be doing now instead of blogging. terrible). although i dont like missing yoga, im glad i did because i feel much better today than yesterday. anyway so after ym 830 i went to the second cup like i always do on mondays to kill the hour i have before my next class. theres this girl who works there who i am pretty sure is a lesbian, shes been there since the end of the summer. shes really nice, kind of shy, but truth be told, i think she kind of admires me from afar and has for a while. shes always really nice to me and if i dont come in for a few days she always asks where ive been. now i realise that this is just friendliness, but a few months ago she had some chocolate covered coffee beans and nuts and stuff behind the counter and she gave me some which i took because it was a nice thing to do. but then, today i was standing there waiting for the guy to make my drink after she had already served me and said have a nice day and stuff and i turn around and shes standing there and she takes my hand and shoves a bunch of easter chocolate into my hand and kind of ran away. i was like thank you and smiled but now im kind of hoping she knows im straight... i dont know what i would do if she asked me out or something because shes a very nice girl indeed and if i was a lesbian i would totally go out with her but i cant help it that im not a lesbian and i would feel really bad hurting her feelings. anyway im sure it wont have to come to that but yes that is the account of my lesbian admirer. go me.

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