Monday, March 13, 2006

Taking Care of Business

well im sitting here drinking my throat tea and apparently, according to the tea bag, my word is my greatest power. and so, i shall use my super powers to write a blog. yesterday was pretty eventful. first of all i greeted the day at 6, like always on sundays, to discover that whatever microbes are living in jens lungs right now had found their way into my life, and i was headachey, tired, winded, and muscle aching like a mad man. needless to say, i didnt want to go to work, but these things arent really negotiable, so i summoned my walk it off mentality and got my ass down to the fox. once i was changed and ready to go, i was still feeling lousy, so i decided was going to make a consious effort to kill this cold, since i dont have time this week to be sick. not to mention i had supper plans with steve and his mum and stepdad for that evening (details to follow) and i wanted to be not sick in their presence. so, i put on my kitchen sweater, zipped it up, put the hood up and tied it. i then proceeded to work the whole shift in this state in an effort to sweat it out. i also pumped the clear fluids like orange juice and green tea all day, and in between orders i jogged on the spot in front of teh grill to keep my sweat going. it was difficult, because the sickness was making me tired and weak, but i stuck to my mind over matter philosophy and stayed strong. the worst part was just how winded i was while i was trying to cook, that and i think i was feverish off and on all day so it was difficult to even get a sweat going, let a lone keep it up. i also made a point of not eating at all in order to starve the cold and be hungry enough for the dinner plans. this helped a lot i think but it contributed to my weakening. nikolai was good to me and fielded all the questions about my bizarre outfit, james said i looked like a transporter. nikolai said that i transform from a greasy dancing she cook into a red and black haired white stripes fan, which i think isnt really a transformation at all but whatever. anyway so work finally ended and steve picked me up and had his first exposure to my degreasing/humanizing ritual that takes place after work and before i go out. according to him it was "quite a production" which isnt really true but i was back in the game after my shower. i felt much better but i didnt really like my outfit but i was glad i wore it because it covered my forearms well (took a couple of good hits during the tired weakened work shift) and was appropriate for the restaurant. the restaurant had a very nice atmosphere and i enjoyed the company and the conversation once the topic was diverted from seafood and vegetarianism and medical school. i had to be careful not to get tanked off one drink though because as soon as my vodka soda went down i was feeling it since i hadnt eaten anything so i munched on bread and tried to keep my mouth shut until my pasta arrived. the pasta was pretty good, but steve was disappointed with his portion size on his meal which i knew would happen and i felt bad for not suggesting he get a salad which i thought of but didnt vocalise cause im an idiot. anyway after dinner we went and saw teh hills have eyes. see, there are good horror movies and there are bad horror movies. as far as i understand it, good horror movies can be further subdivided into creepy movies that are really quite scary, and realyl gory movies that dont have much of a point but are really bloody but well done. the hills have eyes would fit into the latter. as far as being a complete blood bath it was good and the cinematography was good and it was well done as far as this kind of movie goes. that being said, it was so pointless. the writing was bad, the acting was mediocre, and there was no story or plot at all. none. it was just a spectacle of meaningless violence and debauchery and i couldnt believe how many people left the theatre cause it was grossing them out because it was all so fake and not scary at all. i would liken my opinion on this movie to my opinion on heavy metal. i can appreciate it and i see why other people like it but its so not my thing and yet i keep finding myself watching movies like this and listening to heavy metal for reasons unknown to me. aynway on the whole i had an excellent night and a not so excellent day but im feeling much better today after some shut eye and thats all i have to say about that.

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