Thursday, March 02, 2006

Some Notable Dialogues

well since i havent been posting very often, im sure youre all wondering what ive been up to. the truth is, not much, but i have decided to put some of my more hilarious dialogues down for all to see. so here we go.

steve: what time is it?
chloé: 8:10
steve: is this your idea of sleeping in?
chloé: hell yes

chloé: so today after the lesson we're going to dissect some flowers-
taylor (11 year old child): can we dissect a fetus?
chloé: uh, not today.

amit: why did you throw your tea on the floor?
chloé: i didnt throw my tea on the floor, it fell.
amit: no, i saw you. you did it on purpose
chloé: shut up

clancy: well i need to go to the bank
chloé: shut up let me buy you a sandwich. i still feel bad for blowing you off on tuesday
clancy: so this can be our ad-hoc make up lunch

nikolai: remember the running man?
chloé: that was good times, we should bring that back
(chloé and nik do the running man, bartender looks horrified)
chloé: this is why they keep us in the back
nikolai: yeah weve been out here for like thirty seconds and we've already managed to make complete fools of ourselves
chloé: go us

owen: why dont you go hug a tree you dirty hippy
chloé: why dont you go hug your mom, shes the only one who loves you

chloé: so nik, my mum wanted me to tell you she thinks your hot
nik: what (looks embarassed)
chloé: i told you shes a milf. but ive been thinking about it and you can marry my mum when my dad dies thats ok with me.
nik: ok thats just wrong

chloé: well i told nik that he can have my mum when my dad dies, so he won't be alone forever
jill: aww well thats nice.
chloé: yes. i know that nikolai will be a good father to me
nikolai: ok our relationship has reached a level that is so out of touch with reality that it doesnt even make sense any more

steve: i wish i lived in the marvel universe. i would take you with me chloé
chloé: would i be a princess
steve: yes

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I prefer to put my name in the message.... said...

hmmm...This is more of an 'experiment in what happens when I hit the comment button' than a comment.

but since I'm here, you're doing a halfway decent job of writieng Chloe....though cause our realtionship feeds on criticism, I can't resist: there is a damn good reason why I is supppoused to be capalitalized, and its even worse when it in dialogue. So thats my nitpicky criticism.

cheers, Kyle