Monday, March 20, 2006

This One's For You, O Spoiled One

well for some reason that i absolutely cannot figure out, steve asked me to post about the band body count and since hes SPOILED im going to do it. but let me tell you, if i never had to contemplate body count ever again after this, my life would be significantly more enjoyable. anyway, so body count is this terrible band that used to exist, the infamous ice-t was the lead singer and figurehead of the nefarious body count. needless to say, his skills are being put to much better use on law and order, special victims unit, because he doesnt have to do any singing whatsoever on that show. body count sings all sorts of stupid songs, with such lyrical brilliances as "cop killler" and "kkk bitches" my personal favourite is the song that just says "body count, motherfucker" over and over again. anyway, i feel that every moment that is pend thiking about body count is one more moment ill never get back, so im going to end this post now before i start hurting myself in acts of self loathing.

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