Saturday, January 13, 2007

Batman And Robin

so, after batman forever did good but not great, and succeeding in convincing parents and children everywhere that batman was not too frightening for those under thirteen, the powers that be ventured to make this disgusting flop. the very first moment of the film indicates how low the whole franchise had sunk. instead of the first credit being that of the director, or at the very least, that of the actor playing batman, it is arnold schwartzenegger, who plays the villain, mr freeze. from that moment on, it is one debauchery after another. the mr freeze character is full of silly puns and adam westian humour, the first fight scene with batman and robin versus the goons is also akin to adam west batman antics. the poison ivy villain, played by uma thurman is thoroughly useless, and the introduction of batgirl is awful. not to mention, she is written in as alfred's niece, instead of commissioner gordon's daughter, since the character of commissioner gordon had sunk so low at this point, that you arent even aware of his existence. george clooney was only MARGINALLY better as batman than val kimer was, and there was this whole, bruce wayne having a girlfriend who was pressuring him to get married but he couldnt because he isnt willing to tell women about his whole batman issue, which had absolutely NOTHING to do with the plot (except for reestablishing for the audience that batman was having impure thoughts about poison ivy) and went nowhere. by the end of my recent reviewing of this movie, i almost couldnt finish it because i was dying from the embarassment. i was embarassed for the actors, for the writers, and for myself for sitting through it while i was home alone. this movie is the reason this batman series died. end of story. if you have any doubts about my opinion, watch it, but do yourself a favour and dont.

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